The meeting began at 11:30 am, April 17, 2013, in District Office, Room 7-789.

All Officers were present; however, President-Elect, Ofer, and VP Specialist, Marty, could not make it to the meeting. The guest member was former President, Darab, whose showing up brought joy to every one, for he is returning to work after few months due to medical reasons.

The meeting began by a warmly welcome from our President, Chris, followed by discussion of the following topics.

May 15th Bay Lights Presentation in Auditorium

To publicize the construction of the new span of the Bay Bridge between Yerba Buena Island and Oakland, The Bay Lights in joint effort with Caltrans want to put an end to the less flashy look of the “Two”.  This time, the Bay Bridge, will surely not only win a beauty contest against the Golden Gate, but also set aside its inferiority complex each night while it’s lit by the glow of 25,000 twinkling LED lights.

So to celebrate such event, there will be a ceremony on May 15th in the D4 Auditorium which will include presentations on the Bay Lights, the Bridge’s initial construction and speeches by Bijan Sartipi, and a show of strong support by PECG.

A motion was passed unanimously by the Section Officers in allocating $700 for providing food and refereshment to all participants in that event.

Section Quarterly Meeting

The date for next section quarterly meeting is yet to be determined given the uncertainity of the time as we approach the new fiscal year.

Tentative topics for the next quarterly meeting are:

  • Budget Update
  • MOU (Furloughs, COLA)
  • Sups Pay Raise
  • Public Inspection HSR
  • The Bay Lights

Finally, our meeting wound down at 12:30.